Online impact as scientist – course description

When scientists participate in online discussions and add their expertise, experience and opinions to a topic, they add real and understandable value to society. Society needs scientists to help make the world a better place

In this course, we will help you improve your online impact as a scientist. We will show you how to keep up to date on your topics in a time-efficient manner. We will help you improve your online profile, your engagement and your content creation skills.

The course will prepare you to participate and add valuable scientific value to the online (societal) debate.

This course is a blend of e-learning, an (online) expert session and an (online) intervision session. The e-learning part contains information and explanations, instructions, quizzes and assignments. During the sessions, we will explore your barriers, challenges and your personal approach. We provide a reference book for you to fill in all elements that make your online impact as a scientist.

By the end of this course, you will be able to search precisely for (and find) relevant content, interact with impact and add scientific value to a professional online platform. This will profit you and your research.

Course objectives

  • Creating your scientific online profile and defining its position as part of the (online) ecosystem;
  • Aligning the online platform of your choice according to your profile;
  • Learning to actively participate in relevant online debates;
  • Position you as an online scientific expert on your scientific topics

Structure of the course

The course online scientific impact for scientists covers these topics:

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Online self-study module
Online impact as a scientist – part 1

Expert session (online)
By the end of the first part of the course, you will move on to an expert session. Together with other participants, we will discuss the brain, heart, hand narrative. You prepare for this session by bringing questions we can address together. In the session, we discuss your challenges and look forward to the platform-specific part of the course. After this session, in the second part, you will proceed with the platform of your choice.

Online impact as a scientist – part 2

  • Online impact as a scientist – on LinkedIn or
  • Online impact as a scientist – on Twitter

Intervision session (online)
The conclusion of the course. Together with other participants, we look back at how you have experienced the elements in the course and we look forward to how you can have a long-lasting online impact as a scientist. The participants help and coach each other. Prior to the session, the participants prepare questions for each other which we will discuss during the intervision.

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